segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2009

Any jobs for Philosopher?

Alex has successfully completed (?!) his doctoral dissertation and is about to throw himself on the mercies of the job market. Where might he start?

He checks out the archives of, and subscribes to, PHILOS-L … This is a mailing list that, amongst other things, frequently features advertisements for philosophy posts, primarily in the E.U.
While this is one of the best sources for job information, not everything necessarily turns up on it. So Alex also keeps an eye on several sites that list academic jobs and Times Higher Education Supplement Jobs
These are both still somewhat biased towards the E.U. job market.

Alex wants to cast his net wider, so he joins the American Philosophical Association… This allows him online access to their Jobs for Philosophers, which lists virtually all the philosophy jobs on offer in America, as well as some in other countries.

After a survey of job listings on all of these sites, Alex should have a very clear picture of the current job market in philosophy.


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