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A importância de se chamar «blog»

Estão hoje em standby 1189 pedidos de patente no United States Patent Dept. que apresentam em comum o facto de todos eles possuírem como objecto uma coisa que se chama BLOG.
Ranking blog content A mechanism of ranking weblog or "blog" items is provided. More particularly, the subject ranking mechanisms can facilitate ranking blog feeds and blog items contained therein thus focusing and intelligently delivering content.
Structured blogging with reciprocal links Systems and methods for structured blogging with reciprocal links are described below. The systems and methods, referred to herein as Blog systems, provide a structured data format for associating comments and other entries with business...
Ranking blog documents A blog search engine may receive a search query. The blog search engine may determine scores for a group of blog documents in response to the search query, where the scores are based on a relevance of the group of blog documents to the s...
System and method for blog functionality Systems and methods applicable, for instance, in blog functionality. For example, a blog entry may be created that exists both in a media diary and as part of a blog. As another example, notifications regarding blogs may be received. As ...
Real-time blog interaction The present invention is a system, method and apparatus for real-time blogging. In a preferred aspect of the invention, a real-time bi-directional blogging system can include a blog and a bi-directional syndication interface to the...
Bitmask access for managing blog content Methods, devices, and systems are directed towards managing a database using moderator determined attributes, and a contributor employable bitmask. In one embodiment, the database is employable for use in managing a weblog (blog).
Blog integration in a collaborative system A method, system and apparatus for an integrated blog in a collaborative environment. In this regard, the collaborative environment can include a named collaborative space and one or more collaborative components disposed in the named ...
Method and apparatus for publishing content through blog Provided are a method and apparatus for publishing content through a blog. A publisher terminal publishes content and metadata of the content to a blog and transmits a rich site summary (RSS) including information on the published conten...
Blog map for searching and/or navigating the blogosphere A blog map for searching and/or navigating the blogosphere is provided. In accordance with one method for generating a blog map, a number of blog posts within the blogosphere are accessed. Each of the blog posts is converted to a feature...
Scoping and biasing search to user preferred domains or blogs Architecture that allows a user to search for content or to restrict an online search to a limited number of websites and/or blog sites. Architecture is provided that facilitates data searching via a source component that includes data…
Maps for social networking and geo blogs A unique system, method, and user interface are provided that involve an integration of map technology with social networks so that individuals can select members of these communities with which to communicate based at least in part on...
System and method for creating searchable user-created blog content A system and method is provided which allows users to create, upload and post user-created content on a website or device that is searchable and accessible from a different website or device. Each user that adds user-created content to a...
Content matching Various technologies and techniques are disclosed that improve the identification of related content. An article for which to identify matching content is received or selected. The raw text of the article is analyzed to reduce the raw te...
Preprocessing Content to Determine Relationships Relationships are determining by preprocessing content. A first content available over a network is retrieved. One or more first-type elements associated with the first content using a rule-based algorithm is identified. The one or more ...

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Rosa Silvestre disse...

Um apontamento em jeito de artigo muito interessante, se tivermos em atenção os defensores do "o blog já era...."

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